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Chezgrillz: Here’s Where To Get Customised Grillz & Bling In Singapore To Flex On The ‘Gram

By Iqmall Hayat

In a world where social media runs rampant, once you’ve seen something once, you’ve probably seen it all. The concept of being original and standing out for your authenticity is an idea many just don’t strive to achieve anymore.

So, I thought to myself and wondered, “What can I do that will encompasses my own style whilst also being out of the norm?” Introducing Chezgrillz, a pair of talented individuals who meticulously create unique jewellery pieces.

Ranging from grillz to pendants, they are a home-grown duo working out of one of Singapore’s best tattoo parlours — Singapore Electric by Gimmelovetattoo, located at Bali Lane.

The Brains

From Left To Right: Hanya, Russ & Augustine (Gimmelovetattoo)

I met up with Russ and Hanya to throw some ideas around about a customised pendant after looking through their crazy work on Instagram. What really caught my eye were their diamond work with grillz.

I immediately gravitated to it since I am certain through my extensive swiping on Instagram, that I’ve never seen it on the local Instagram sphere. I wanted something in a similar vein that’s admittedly a little more wearable.

Since I was already there, I tried picking their brains and got some behind the scenes shots of them in action. Russ primarily works on the grillz. while Hanya’s behind the pendants seen on their Instagram page.

Hanya had a quirky story as to how she got inspired into making jewellery. She was flipping through old family photographs and seen one of her relatives rocking a gold crown so she delved into it a little.

She schooled me on the history of dental accessories around these parts of the world and blew any pre-conceived connotations I had of them out of the water. I continued watching Russ work, thinking to myself, “ It’s not that foreign after all. ”

The Process

He quickly gave me a walkthrough of his process from start to finish. He starts off with a mould of the customer’s teeth. Depending on your choice of slugs, grills or caps, he then builds a mould based on your choice.

You’d also need to specify the type of material you want them done in, with silver and gold being top choices.

To create some definition as well as separation between the individual teeth, he indents lines in between each individual tooth.

Precision and patience was the name of the game. Russ was extremely careful and understandably so, with the price of these materials he was working with.

Once that was done, he finishes it off with a quick polish. You could visibly see a difference in shine in the pictures above. All it took was a few quick swipes but I’d put that down to the talent of Russ himself.

He handed me his proudest work whilst finishing up. This was the exact same grillz that drew me in and the photo doesn’t do it any justice.

On being asked about his workload, Russ says he has spent countless sleepless nights working on pieces, day in and day out. With only the both of them at the helm of operations, things could get busy at times. But if these results were anything to go by, the wait would surely be worth it.

The Finished Product

We met up again two weeks later, brimming with excitement to see the finished product come to life. The idea behind the pendant was to create something that was uniquely ours whilst also seamlessly blending and complimenting the current streetwear trends.

So, we opted to make use of the Hype & Stuff logo and embellish the ‘H’ in diamonds.

I feel that the charm with most jewellery lies within the story and meaning behind the pieces instead of full on, “Hey, look at me! “type of screaming that a lot of other pieces unfortunately fall into.

Plus, having it customized means that it’s undoubtedly one of a kind, and that means more to me than all the other glitter in the world.

– –

Chezgrillz worked with me to bring my idea to fruition while bouncing off the ideas I had about the customized piece. With this, you can put your trust in them to create a masterpiece for you.

The prices will vary according to your design, as well as other quirky requests you may have but they are all reasonably priced for something so unique.

Have you reached the point where your eyes are tired of looking at the same style on everyone? Getting something custom might just be up your alley.

Prices: TBA upon consultation, varies on designs

Chezgrillz: Singapore Electric by Gimmelovetattoo, 24 Bali Lane, Singapore 189860 | Opening Hours: 1pm – 11pm | Instagram

Iqmall Hayat

IG: @datingjenniekim