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April 1, 2018
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5 Plant Nurseries In Singapore That Sell Cheap Cacti & Succulents For Your #NatureAesthetics

By Esther Chan

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that having a succulent or cactus is the new in-thing now.

Many Instagram users have been featuring these relatively low-maintenance plants to add a touch of green to minimalistic photos, and you can too! Potted succulents and cacti are perfect for filling in the spaces to create your ideal #flatlay photos.

But we all know retail shops are out to get us and our pockets sometimes, so here are five plant nurseries in Singapore where you can get your greens for cheap:

1. World Farm

Located in Khatib, World Farm is a 15-minute walk from the MRT station. If you don’t fancy long walks, I would recommend just getting a cab down to the farm.

The nursery doesn’t only sell cacti and succulents however, so if you love flowers, you’re in for a treat as well.

This is just one out of the several types of succulents they have for sale. As a rough idea of just how low maintenance these little plants can be, you only have to water it once a week.

When the soil mix gets slightly dry, just water it until it’s soaked then let the excess water drain out from the drainage holes.

Price: From S$3

World Farm: 15 Bah Soon Pah Road, Singapore 769962 | Website | Facebook

2. Candy Floriculture

Slightly more accessible on the list is Candy Floriculture, which is just a five-minute walk from Caldecott station. The cacti and succulents are located at the back of the shop, so don’t be afraid to wander in deeper!

There’s something about a table full of green that’s aesthetically pleasing. If my desk wasn’t already cluttered with all sorts of toy figurines, I’d probably be able to fit more pots of plants on it.

Succulents also attract significantly lesser pests than regular plants (think mites and whiteflies), which is another reason why they’re increasingly popular with hipsters and millennials these days.

Price: S$3.50 – S$10

Candy Floriculture: 567 Thomson Road, Singapore 298183 | Website | Facebook

3. Seasonal Mart

A humble store in Queensway just opposite Queensway Shopping Centre, the storekeeper of Seasonal Mart is friendly and you can approach her for tips on how to care for your new plants properly (to ensure they don’t die)!

The shop stocks a few different varieties of succulents and cacti, including Lithops (a type of succulent which looks like a stone).

Fun story: I once left my pot of mini Fittonia (a type of variegated leafy plant) out in the sun, forgot about it, and it died. Well, succulents and cacti are easier to care for, but do not make the same mistake I did.

Price: From S$3

Seasonal Mart: Blk 123 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-92, Singapore 150123 | Website

4. Terrascapes

Perhaps for the more serious plant lover, Terrascapes by Sandy has a plethora of plants. From carnivorous plants such as pitcher plants (scientific name Nepenthes) and sundews, to cacti and succulents, Terrascapes is bound to have something that would catch your eye.

Psst: The nursery is also Instagram heaven with all the greens!

Take this, for example. A huge planter of Astrophytum asterias, also known as the sand dollar cactus or sea urchin cactus. I didn’t see these at the other nurseries, and they go for S$10 a pop at Terrascapes. I wish I brought more money down when I visited (withdraw cash!).

If you’re after something less basic and more unique, check out the variegated cacti and succulents they have available. Be warned though, they don’t come cheap (the variegated Astrophytum asterias are S$50)!

Price: S$3 – S$50

Terrascapes: 50 Choa Chu Kang Track 14, Singapore 698940 | Website | Facebook

5. Pick A Plant

Conveniently located right opposite Terrascapes (and unfortunately so for your pocket), Pick A Plant has a huuuge collection of air plants – another popular low-maintenance house plant.

You may think, “yeah more plants what’s so special about the ones here“– prepare yourself for the next photo.

I screamed internally when I saw this tray of baby air plants. Seriously if this isn’t cute to you, get out. We can’t be friends.

It looks like a fake plant, but it’s not. These babies are super low maintenance too, a good two-hour soak in water and they’re good to go for a week. If air plants aren’t your thing, Pick A Plant also has little pots of succulents going at S$3 a pop, and four for S$10.

Pick A Plant also has pop-up stores all over Singapore, so hop over to their Facebook page to find out when they’re coming to a place near you.

Price: S$3 – S$10

Pick A Plant: Old Choa Chu Kang Road, Track 14 end, Singapore 698940 | Website | Facebook

– –

A pop of green adds dimension to an otherwise monotonous picture, and what better option than something that requires minimal effort to sustain?

There is something inexplicably attractive about these miniature pots of cacti and succulents – perhaps it’s the fleshiness of the succulent leaves, or the cute button shape of the cacti, or simply the fact that I can leave them out for two weeks and they won’t die on me.

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