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Categories: STYLE & DROPS
| On 6 months ago

Sun’s Out Bun’s Out With These Burger Shoes From DollsKill

Known for their quirky streetwear and goth styles, as well as being one of the most sought after website for festival wear, it’s no surprise that DollsKill would release the ‘Extra Cheese Plz Burger Sneakers’ to add to their range of off-the-wall fashion.

Credit – DollsKill

Although there’s no customising this burger order (sigh, McSpicy with cheese), this pair of statement platform shoes will be the centre of attention at any music festival.

Credit – DollsKill

This pair of buns will cost you USD$88 (approximately S$122), but it’ll definitely be worth it. Imagine sporting these on the way to your next food-themed shoot.

Who needs a double quarter pounder when this burger is stacked with a 1.5″ heel and 1.5″ platform? You’ll be fine walking in these; besides, if there’s a grill there’s a way.

The only downside to this is that you can’t eat it if you get hungry, but everyone will wanna be-ef you. Currently ships to Singapore for an extra S$15.

Extra Cheese Plz Burger Sneakers | Website

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