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One-On-One With Orchestra Conductor, Wong Kah Chun — Recipient Of Germany’s Highest Tribute, The Order of Merit

On 10 December 2019, Singaporean-born conductor Wong Kah Chun received the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany—an…

3 days ago

5 Reasons I Turned Down Dream Job Offer As SIA Cabin Crew To Be A Writer

During the golden years of flying, it seemed like every girl's dream to take to the skies, don the signature…

7 days ago

One-on-one with Thomas Kopankiewicz, SEA Games Esports Silver Medallist: A Fairy Tale Without An Ending

By now, you would have heard of Thomas Kopankiewicz, his arduous journey of procuring a Singaporean passport, and his stellar…

1 week ago

Wellaholic Founder, Willie Chan, On Disrupting The Beauty Industry with Honesty and Price Transparency

Like any other vain, self-obsessed millennial, visiting aesthetic clinics has become the norm for me. The deal-loving junkie in me…

1 week ago

I Studied Po-Shen Loh’s New Quadratic Equation Solving Method: Ground breaking or Just Fluff?

To most of us, the words ‘quadratic’ and ‘equation’ might seem like a distant memory. As a refresher, a quadratic…

1 week ago

Nike’s Brilliant CNY Ad Hilariously Brings Out Our ‘Hongbao’ Tradition

Arguably one of the biggest celebrations of the Chinese Culture – Chinese New Year. I love Chinese New Year, the…

1 week ago

One-on-one With Will And Well Founder Elisa Lim: A Journey Through Adversity

There are times in life when we feel down and out, and it seems like there is no way to…

2 months ago

Fresh Recording Of Singapore’s National Anthem Performed By The Singapore Symphony Orchestra Released On Dec 3 2019

History buffs, read on. I have a new tidbit for you. Singapore radio stations broadcasted a new recording of the…

2 months ago

Loss, but Not Defeated: Team SG’s Experience At The Overwatch World Cup’19 & The Growing Scene In Singapore

The year is 2019 and esports is even more ubiquitous than ever. With much of the industry’s growth kindled and…

2 months ago

This Photographer Recreates What A S’pore Queer Wedding In The 80s Would Have Looked Like If Section 377A Wasn’t Around

Our little red dot is clean, green and everything in between. Many have also likened it to being a "fine…

2 months ago

Discovering Alcholics Anonymous In Singapore – The Battle Against Alcoholism

Drinking has long been synonymous with the nightlife scene in Singapore, and it probably remains an essential part of most…

2 months ago

One-on-one With Owner Of Baju By Oniatta, Oniatta Effendi: From Education to Batik

Growing up, I have always been fascinated with the traditional clothing of different cultures. I believe that apart from being…

2 months ago

One-on-one With ‘The Table Guy’ Darryl Loh: Exploring One Man’s Love For Timber

It has been a little over a decade since I have had a job that requires a fair amount of…

2 months ago

The Motorcycle Life Chose Me: Dispelling Myths About the Motorcycle Culture in Singapore

My first introduction to the motorcycle life felt like a ripoff of a bad adventure movie, set against the backdrop…

2 months ago

5 Book Clubs In Singapore To Engage In A Community Within A Community

With the advent of technology surging through and making its presence felt in most aspects of our everyday lives, it…

2 months ago

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