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EZ-Link Releases Iron Man EZ-Charm On Lazada – Sold Out In 30 Mins

An all-new Iron Man EZ-Charm will be released on Lazada where it is sold on the EZ-link's official store. And we love…

3 months ago

EZ-Link Releases New Hello Kitty Card Designs Weekly Starting 6 June In S’pore

Our favourite kitty cat is turning 45 in 2019 and in commemoration, Sanrio and Singapore's EZ-Link have partnered up to…

3 months ago

Get Insanely Cheap Last-minute Tickets With RUSH Singapore – Phantom Of The Opera For S$50 Only

Singapore is a hotspot for lifestyle concerts and events such as big names like BTS and Ed Sheeran just to…

3 months ago

New Pokemon Sleep Game Trains Your Pokemon While You Sleep – Launching 2020

There's a new Pokemon game announced that is not going to keep you up all night playing, but instead, will…

4 months ago

Flying Face Is Instagram’s Latest Secret Filter Game Everyone Is Playing (+How To Unlock)

Flying Face is Instagram’s new secret filter game secretly rolled out and created by Instagram user @dvoshansky. It is a…

3 months ago

Maybe Asia Lets You Rent A Date In Singapore For S$60-S$200 – For Both Men & Ladies

There's a new company called Maybe Asia that allows you to rent a date for S$60-S$200. Maybe sparks will fly?…

3 months ago

Snapchat’s New Gender Filter Hilariously Transforms You Into The Opposite Gender

Recently, Snapchat has released two filters that broke the Internet. This filter takes your face and transforms it into an…

4 months ago

Tamagotchi Makes An Epic Comeback After 23 Years In Colour Available On Amazon This 28 July

Before the Netflix era, my entire childhood revolved around Tamagotchi . I still recall the nostalgia of carrying it around…

4 months ago

Limited Edition One Piece EZ-Link Cards Available Now At All Golden Village Cinemas In Singapore

Themed EZ-Link cards seem to be in the hot thing recently with the overwhelming number of designs being released. Now…

4 months ago

Grab’s Upcoming Upgrade Lets You Plan Trips, Stream Shows, Book Tickets & Hotel Rooms

Grab has been constantly redefining itself to become an all-in-one super app. The Grab app has already absorbed Grab food…

4 months ago

Mario Kart Game Is Set To Be Available On Smartphones This 2019

Mario Kart has been one of those timeless games that are consistently popular since its inception in 1992. And fans…

5 months ago

This Cool Thanos Easter Egg Destroys Half Of Google Searches (No Spoilers)

By now you should be familiar with Thanos' finger snap that obliterated half of the living species on Earth. But…

5 months ago

Play Rubber Wrestling Just Like In Primary School When You Download This Free App On Google Play Store

Back in primary school, the coolest kid in class was determined by the number of "eraser battles" victories he has…

5 months ago

Huawei P30 Pro Boast Camera With Up To 50X Digital Zoom & Remains Sharp — Seeing Is Believing

If it's anything that will win the hearts of the Instagram generation, it's smartphones with cutting-edge cameras. I was scrolling…

5 months ago

8storeytree Launches New S$20 Single Use Black & White Film Cameras For Major Vintage Vibes

I would love to believe #filmisnotdead, but the rampancy of DSLRs in today's photography makes it hard to deem so.…

6 months ago

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