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Sony Introduces a Breathtaking New 20mm F1.8 Ultra-Wide Prime Lens this 27 February 2020

Sony has expanded its full-frame lens line up with a new addition to the family, the Sony FE 20mm F1.8 G…

6 hours ago

Catch OPPO’s Latest launch—the FINDX2 from the Comfort of Your Phones this 6 March 2020

After delays as a result of the coronavirus, OPPO is finally unveiling its powerful 5G flagship smartphone series – OPPO…

13 hours ago

Fujifilm X100-V Compact Camera Comes to Singapore 27 February 2020

Be prepared to rediscover photography in a way you never imagined. Fujifilm is at it again bringing you the fifth…

3 days ago

Add Colours to Your Music With Sony’s New WF-H800 h.Ear in 3 Truly Wireless Headphones

Come March 2020, Sony is introducing their new WF-H800 h.ear in 3 Truly Wireless Headphones. The new Sony headphones can…

1 day ago

Combine & Cook Up New Emojis With The Google Emoji Kitchen + How To Create Mashups For Android Users

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. In the age of smartphones, we use emojis as a way of…

3 days ago

The Cuss Collar Translates Your Dog’s Barks To Swear Words — Get It For S$83.34

For the longest time, it was said, “Dogs are man’s best friend”. This phrase stems from most canines' baffling innate…

3 days ago

This Japanese Air Purification Ashtray Gives You Clean Air After Smoking

Take a stroll around the commercial estates in Singapore and you will soon realise it is a common sight to…

3 days ago

Enjoy Fresh Rice With This One-Man Bento Box Rice Cooker — Available In Japan

Every lunch break, reheating lunch boxes is a customary scene in most office pantries. However, the indiscriminately high heat from…

3 days ago

Touch ‘n Go M’sia Introduces Fund Transfer Functions With Banks And eWallets

A netizen once commented that when visiting Malaysia, the most important thing to have, besides your passport, is your Touch…

3 days ago

Apple’s iOS 13.4 New Memojis Gives You More Ways to Express Yourself

Gone are the days when the only form of being able to gauge someone's tone through text was the use…

2 weeks ago

Is the Jabra Elite 75t a Worthy Replacement for the OG Airpods?

In an age where the AirPods are all the rage, I must confess that I, too, own a pair. But…

3 weeks ago

NTU Students Use Virtual Reality Scenarios For Sexual Harassment Training

It's sad that sexual harassment exists. You'd think the concept of no is easy to understand, but the sad reality…

1 month ago

Alienware’s Concept UFO Might Rival The Cult Favourite Nintendo Switch

It is well known that the Nintendo Switch took the console gaming market by storm. With almost 37 million units…

1 month ago

Leica’s Ridiculously Priced M10-P ‘White’ Goes For S$22,700 – Only 350 Cameras Available

When Leica cameras are mentioned, one might think of the words, film, luxurious and European. As a brand, those words…

2 months ago

Microsoft Drops Surface Pro X⁠—The Edge to Edge, Ultra Thin Laptop Of The Future

The latest to join Microsoft's Surface family is none other than their Surface Pro X, branded as the edge to…

2 months ago

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