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March 7, 2017
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Chameleon VR App: Singaporean Company Creates Free Videos To Explore Asia In Immersive 360-Degree

By Mai WenYi

Using suicide stories, haunted places, slums and more exciting themes, Chameleon VR brings you around Asia with a different touch.

It’s more than just another bunch of videos – what you see is carefully crafted to drag you into an immersive experience, making you feel almost like a participant in their 360-degree films that will leave you riveted to your screens.

VOSTOK VR, the local company which has brought Chameleon VR to you, specialises in all sorts of 3D virtual productions such as interactive tours, training instructions, augmented reality and more.

They’ve designed Chameleon VR to allow you to download your favourite films from the app directly into your phone or tablet without any need for payment or subscription. That means better quality videos and no mobile data worries for all users, absolutely free.

You’re not limited to just your phone, though, as VR headsets may also be used for your viewing pleasure.

On top of that, they’re in the process of adding a “gaze to interact” feature, which will allow users to exercise decision-making as part of their experience.

If there’s ever a chance to interact with movie characters, I can only dream they’ll make one with Thor in it, or Batman – what can I say, I’m easily satisfied with either.

Download Chameleon VR for your smartphone to try out, and if you’ve got a movie character you’d like to meet, do share in the comments! (Come on, I bet you’ll want to meet Batman too.)

Chameleon VR: Android, iOS | Website

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