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Bask In The Sunshine & Over 100,000 Sunflowers At This Festival In Japan From 18 – 28 Aug

Throw yourself into this sea of yellow at Japan’s Kiyose Sunflower Festival! From 18 – 28 August 2018 in the city of Kiyose at Ishii Farm, you can immerse yourself in more than 100,000 sunflowers.

With 24,000 square metres of sunflowers, getting lost in their sheer beauty may actually be a problem. So don’t wander off too far and miss out on the other activities happening here.

If you’re headed over to the farm, don’t just stick to sight-seeing. Feel free to patronise the local farmers, who will be setting up stores selling fresh local vegetables. And of course, they’ll be selling sunflowers too, so you can grab a stalk of sunshine.

If you’re travelling over to Japan in August, head down for the 10th edition of the Kiyose Sunflower Festival to experience a real taste of summer! You wouldn’t want to miss out an opportunity to pose for an Instagram photo, with these vast fields of cheery yellow.

Dates & Times: 18 – 28 August 2018, 9am – 4pm

Prices: Free Admission

Kiyose Sunflower Festival: Ishii Farm, 3 Shimokiyoto, Kiyose, Tokyo 204-0011, Japan | Website

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