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| On 6 months ago

Show Your Luncheon Meat Obsession Through SPAM Themed Household Products From Korea

Occasionally, I put luncheon meat in my instant noodles or my economic bee hoon order but I can’t say that I am in a committed relationship with it.

Apparently, SPAM luncheon meat is a very big deal in Korea.

However, is it starting to get out of hand with these luncheon meat themed products?

SPAM Korea released on social media a series of luncheon meat themed household items periodically, ranging from SPAM soap bars to toothpaste in May 2019 under a playful campaign #SPAMPLAY.

Imagine walking into someone’s toilet and washing your hands with a soap bar (or in this case a slice) of SPAM or having your room smell of luncheon meat?

I guess if you’re completely addicted to SPAM, you’d want to taste luncheon meat even after you brush your teeth.

Hey, I understand if basic spearmint toothpaste isn’t for everyone, you could opt for this SPAM toothpaste instead.

How about some SPAM ice cream on a stick?

Wondering what to season your SPAM with? How about more SPAM?

I’ve got to give it to the packaging for SPAM’s lipstick, it’s so sleek! It’ll be a good gift for anyone who has an interest in collecting unique cosmetics.

I’m not sure if I want to use lipstick that tastes like luncheon meat or smell like SPAM perfume when you walk out. The plus side is, you’ll probably attract a whole line of doggos!

If you’re a luncheon meat fanatic, I guess there’s no better time to SPAM your life than now. We have to note that it doesn’t seem like these are real products you can buy (more like a photoshopped luncheon meat fantasy), but one can only wish.

SPAM Korea | Website

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