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| On 6 months ago

Tokyo Snoopy Museum To Reopen Twice As Large In Fall 2019 In Machida City

Gone were the days when we readily bought newspapers and flipped to the comics section for some Charlie Brown entertainment.

Credit – Moshimoshi.nippon

With the Tokyo Snoopy Museum relocating from Roppongi to a more spacious location in Minami Machida Grandberry Park, visitors can look forward to a site twice as large.

The museum will continue to introduce the Peanuts series through their artwork, original comic strips and other exhibits; especially with their new permanent exhibition space and dedicated studio.

Credit – Branco.jp

You can also find an exclusive collection of original Snoopy items in the museum store and even create a personalised Snoopy doll!

Credit – Livejapan.com

The highlight will be the opening of the Peanuts Café together with the new shopping mall ‘Grandberry Park’.

Credit – Ben Towle (Twitter)

The café will open prior to the main museum on 13 November. It’s the best place for you to prep yourself for more Snoopy fun!

Ticket prices will be released once the museum reopens. Till then, if you’re flying to Japan anytime soon and are still looking for places to kill time, try out the new Hello Kitty Theatre or take a tour around the Legoland factory.

Tokyo Snoopy Museum | Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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